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Why Tucker / Hall?

We are known as far-sighted strategists who see the big picture, and as creative problem-solvers who maximize the value of technology and the broad network of relationships we have built.

Built for Today’s Unique Political Environment

The old approach of Tallahassee-only solutions to statewide issues just doesn’t work anymore. In today’s decentralized environment, you need a strategic approach that builds stakeholder and grassroots support while mitigating opposition.

See the Full Picture

With a full-time presence in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee and Tampa, and long-established networks across all of Florida, Tucker/Hall knows this complex state and its rich demography intimately. We understand how diverse Floridian audiences think, and how Tallahassee interacts with the state at large.

Discreet and Effective

It may seem ironic that a firm can become well known for its discretion, but that is one of the things that sets Tucker/Hall apart. Although some of the work we have done is a matter of public record, you won’t find a client list on our website. (If you are considering hiring us, though, we will provide you with excellent references.) We put our clients’ interests first, and that often means we work in the background. We find that we are more effective that way.

Tailored Digital Strategy

The ways we engage, inform, persuade and motivate audiences are constantly evolving. Tucker/Hall’s team of digital strategists uses the most effective and innovative technologies available to research, monitor and act on your behalf. You name it, we do it: paid search, display ads, content marketing, social media, email blasts, SEO, ORM, etc. We have all the tools and skills needed to communicate about your issue online. But we firmly believe it all comes down to strategy. What’s the digital strategy needed to accomplish your goals? We will tailor a program just for you.

Case Studies

Crisis: Gulf Oil Spill

When one of the largest environmental crises in history struck the Gulf of Mexico April 20, 2010, Tucker/Hall was hired by BP to develop and implement a public affairs strategy for Florida. Tucker/Hall worked with stakeholders from Pensacola to Key West for approximately three years to build public awareness of and support for BP’s recovery efforts.

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A client whose successful business model was threatened by proposed changes to Florida’s complex condominium laws hired us to help mitigate negative publicity and to assemble a government relations team in Tallahassee. The resulting legal changes helped improve the rights of condominium owners while preserving our client’s ability to do business.

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Constitutional Amendments

Tucker/Hall has helped pass nearly a dozen amendments to Florida’s constitution through statewide ballot initiatives. Our role is to help develop messaging, allies, and the strategic approach to winning public support. Tucker/Hall oversaw the grassroots and media relations efforts in Northeast Florida for the successful passage of the Voter Control of Casino Gambling Amendment 3 ballot initiative in 2018.

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Senior Tucker/Hall team members all bring more than 20 years of experience in handling important public matters. Our depth of experience ensures that we can tackle any challenge you or your organization may face.

Towson Fraser

Towson Fraser leads Tucker/Hall’s Tallahassee office. Whether the strategy involves affecting public opinion broadly or more narrowly affecting the opinion of a few key elected leaders, Towson has proven to be adept at customizing the message and delivery for a wide variety of target audiences. Born in Tallahassee and raised in Jacksonville, he has worked for more than 20 years in and around Florida’s state government apparatus. He held high-level positions in the Florida legislature, executive branch, and private sector affecting public policy across multiple issue areas including health care, infrastructure, education, and economic development. He managed his own firm, Fraser Solutions, for seven years prior to joining Tucker/Hall. His extensive experience allowed him to work with Florida’s top leaders and see firsthand how decisions are really made at the highest levels of our government. He is a member of the Florida Council on Arts and Culture and lives with his family in Tallahassee.

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